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Excell RSA Foundation


Excel RSA Foundation is a Job connector, connecting unemployed youth and prospective employers.

We partner with companies across various sectors to gain a better understanding of their staffing needs. Through a specific selection and screening process we link our youth to those companies to facilitate in their up-skilling and gaining work experience. We prepare our job seekers for job readiness to improve their employability.

Our Approach

Our consultants are based within communities to identify social challenges that prevent youth from accessing employment opportunities. We understand that once you find your-self as a job seeker in a vicious cycle of lacking the required skills and required work experience it can be difficult to pull yourself out.

Our passion is to ensure that our youth is not sitting idle and falling into bad habits such as drug addiction and teenage pregnancy which are causing serious social ills and unrest. With the widening gap of skills shortage, we are seeing crime levels at an all-time high. We endeavour to bring back hope to our youth and make some contribution to arresting the unemployment issue.

Excell RSA Foundation

Job Connection

Our core offering is connecting unemployed youth with entry level jobs in companies across various sectors

Job readiness training

We will assist in polishing rough diamonds into polished sparkling diamonds.

Internship/Graduate Training placements

Through our relationships with companies we are able to provide placements
Excell RSA Foundation